Quality is handmade.

Our handmade candles are made in America with rich fragrance oils and smooth, creamy coconut wax. They are poured into reusable whiskey glasses and adorned with a crackling wooden wick.

  • Why do I need another candle?

    A simple candle can improve your mood, motivate, or calm the mind. Our candles are clean burning and long lasting. It can improve your mental health and can reduce stress.

  • Why our candle?

    Our luxury candles are a coconut blended wax. Coconut is more sustainable for our planet. Coconut trees renew themselves. Their wax also provide a better scent and burn smokeless and soot free.

  • Two for one?

    Our candles are made in whiskey glasses with easy peel labels. No need to soak for days. It's reusable and makes the perfect glass for an old fashioned.